If I wasn’t studying to be a counselor…

8 Jul

Second on my list of professions I’d be excited to jump into would have to be baker, my fiancé is a big fan of me pursuing this… big shocker there. Third on my list is party planner, my recent endeavors into this profession have impressed even me. Most recently, I planned the baby shower for my future nephew (first time auntie right here!) and I think for a first timer I did pretty darn well. My future brother and sister-in-law are huge Star Wars fans and are decorating their son’s nursery in it. I feel no shame in saying that I do enjoy Star Wars but trying to figure out a baby shower around that theme was a bit of a struggle at first, teetering between looking like a 7 year old’s birthday party and a baby shower. With a lot of help from another blogger’s endeavor into something very similar I found my footing and ran with it. 

Welcome to baby Fairchild’s baby shower: 



The adorably amazing origami yodas were generously supplied by my talented little sister. They really do make the cupcakes. The naming of the food was by far my favorite part, you can really have a lot of fun with that and the easy embellishments on the cards give it an extra adorable look. If you saw in a previous post I showed you how to make the diaper wreath, and here it is…



The coloring with the yodas my sister made was just too perfect, although the heat from outside started to make the yodas open up, but still cute.  The food spread I think was the cutest aspect, and those easy pom pom balls really make the display, I find them so gosh darn adorable! We did have food other than sweets but we kept the sweets to this table and jokingly called this room “the dark side”. The pretzels you see below called light sabers were a huge hit, merely dipped in chocolate with differing colored sprinkles on top, so delicious and while time consuming to make a large number of them, totally worth it! 



Some non sweets type food that was also a huge hit and gone within the first thirty minutes of the party:


We played a trivia game on all things baby, a few of the questions grossed out the boys (as it was a co-ed shower) which was even all the more fun, the poor dad-to-be scoring the lowest out of all the boys and the mom-to-be winning it all! Hey at least mommy knows her stuff, she can help dad out 🙂 Such a fun time and parents-to-be loved it! Success! 

Over and out,




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