Personality… What’s yours?

19 Jun



In my Assessments class last semester we learned a lot about ourselves by taking assessments we may give to clients. I found this process really enlightening and also comforting as it confirmed a lot of my already present beliefs about myself. Myers Briggs is a commonly used assessment but always very helpful in learning about yourself and how you might interact with others whether it be in a social setting or work environment.


This is an incredibly informal way and classifying yourself, but rather than paying for the assessment this will give you a good idea of where you stand. 


Q1: Which is your most natural energy orientation?

(E) Extraverted Characteristics:

* Act first, think/reflect later

* Feel deprived when cutoff from interaction with the outside world

* Usually open to and motivated by outside world of people and things

* Enjoy wide variety and change in people relationships


(I) Introverted Characteristics:

* Think/reflect first, then Act

* Regularly require an amount of “private time” to recharge batteries

* Motivated internally, mind is sometimes so active it is “closed” to outside world

* Prefer one-to-one communication and relationships


Q2: Which way of Perceiving or understand is more “automatic” or natural?

(S) Sensing Characteristics

* Mentally live in the Now, attending to present opportunities

*Using common sense and creating practical solutions is automatic-instinctual

*Memory recall is rich in detail of facts and past events

* Best improvise from past experience

* Like clear and concrete information; dislike guessing when facts are “fuzzy”


(N) Intuitive Characteristics

* Mentally live in the Future, attending to future possibilities

* Using imagination and creating/inventing new possibilities is automatic-instinctual

* Memory recall emphasized patterns, contexts, and connects

* Best improvise from theoretical understanding

* Comfortable with ambiguous, fuzzy data and with guessing its meaning


Q3: Which was of forming Judgments and making Choices is most natural?

(T) Thinking Characteristics

* Instinctively search for facts and logic in a decision situation

* Naturally notices tasks and work to be accomplished

* Easily able to provide an objective and critical analysis

* Accept conflict as a natural, normal part of relationships with people


(F) Feeling Characteristics

* Instinctively employ personal feelings and impact on people in decision situations

* Naturally sensitive to peoples’ needs and reactions

* Naturally seek consensus and popular opinions

* Unsettled by conflict; have almost toxic reaction to disharmony


Q4: What is your “action orientation” towards the outside world?

(J) Judging Characteristics

* Plan many of the details in advance before moving into action

* Focus on task-related action; complete meaningful segments before moving on

* Work best and avoid stress when able to keep ahead of deadlines

* Naturally use targets, dates and standard routines to manage life


(P) Perceiving Characteristics

* Comfortable moving into action without a plan; plan on-the-go

* Like to multitask, have variety, mix work and play

* Naturally tolerant of time pressure; work best close to the deadlines

* Instinctively avoid commitments that interfere with flexibility, freedom and variety


After you’ve picked which one you are from each question, put them in the order of question to get something like this: ISFJ. Refer to the graph above for a quick breakdown and strong characteristics that people in that same category tend to have.





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