Tony Horton How I Loathe Thee

25 Feb



Since getting fitted for my wedding dress in late November my goal has been to get myself in better shape for my upcoming fitting. Now there were a number of obstacles in my way, the biggest one being fitting something regular into my schedule, which was certainly a daunting task. While working here at North Star Nannies three days a week I am also a full time PhD student at GW and doing practicum right now (which equates to a little less than another part time job). All in all it feels as though with the wedding planning, working, practicum, and school that I have three full time jobs. Just the thought of this was putting my in a rut and making me feel unmotivated to do anything with my free time other than just sit and take a breather. 

In a moment of disgust with myself after the holidays I bought P90x and all the equipment online. I have had a number of friends who had completed the 90 day program and had a love-hate relationship with it. The reason I chose this program was mainly because of the large number of reviews I was able to come across online and the resounding amount of support for it. Shortly after the start of the new year I took a little trip to DSW to buy myself some brightly colored new workout shoes, now I was pumped. 

I was a little worried starting out the program because, while I was not in terrible shape and worked out a few times a week, I was in no way used to weight training. I also have a handful of previous injuries, including one in which I torn almost all of the ligaments in both my hands, that gave me pause when starting up the program. However, being almost two months through the program I can say that while I have had the occasional pain I have been able to work through most of it and make adjustments to exercises I know are not good on my hands. 

Over the past two months I have definitely seen changes, I will come straight out and say that with my schedule I am not able to do the food program that comes along with P90x but do my best to eat healthy on a regular basis. Overall, P90x is proving to be a great program and is not just toning my body but making me feel healthier and just better in general. Below I have some information on a few of my favorite DVDs in the P90x package. 

1. By far my favorite day is Core Synergistics, this is also the day that I find myself cursing the most at Tony and even despite or maybe even because of that it really is my favorite. I feel great after its all said and done. Core Synergistics is a mashup of pretty much everything in the book, like the name implies there is a ton of core work going on as well as arm work and squats. Its just great overall and while some of the moves are the hardest I love it. 

2. Ab Ripper X: I think the reason I love Ab Ripper X (which you can find in google videos 🙂 is watching how much my fiancé hates and struggles through it. I highly recommend working out with a buddy because it makes these videos that much more enjoyable. Awesome thing about the Ab DVD: its only about 15 minutes long but it does the trick 

3. Legs & Back: I’ll be honest… I hate this one, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that along with Core Synergistics I think this DVD has made the most difference to my physique (physique is a funny word). I hate pull-ups and push-ups and one legged wall squats but my arms have never looked better and I can feel myself getting stronger. 

The one thing about any home DVD fitness program is you need to be motivated, you need to push yourself to do it everyday because you will only get out what you put into a program. So for anyone looking to tone up for the summer or maybe like me you have a crazy summer full of weddings (including your own 😉 I highly recommend P90x 

I hate it, but I love it 

– Sara 


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