To Whom It May Concern:

25 Mar



Recently for a career counseling class we had to write a paper about the emerging work force and after yet another no-show today I find my frustration rising to new levels.  Statistics show that young professionals right out of college and new to the workforce are having a great deal of trouble finding work. This should come as no big surprise to anyone (and if it does I’m not sure where you have been for the past couple of years but please let me know). With these concerns about entering the workforce one would think that young professionals would strive to be professional and presentable, I feel as though I couldn’t be father from the truth. Granted this is not true of everyone but I find I am more often than not surprised or even shocked when a nanny shows up for an interview that I’ve scheduled and confirmed.


I hate feeling so cynical that I question if anyone is ever going to show up to an interview, or whether or not they will be wearing something interview appropriate. With all the resources out there to help those looking for a job I really did expect better. Simple things like a well-formatted resume, appropriate interview attire, and professionally drafted emails feel a thing of the past. So here is me, Sara Lichtenstein, with a little advice for the masses:


  1. Have a resume, a well formatted resume
  2. Dress professionally; don’t wear anything you might wear to a club or a night out on the town (please!)
  3. When addressing an email to a potential employer address them as such, for example: Dear Michelle. Do not just start out the email with no addressing
  4. Come prepared, do a little research beforehand about the company so you aren’t asking questions that can be easily answered by their website
  5. Be polite, courteous, and respectful. It goes a long way  


These things aren’t very hard and only take a little preparation beforehand. You’d be surprised but this could be the difference between getting the job and well not getting the job.





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