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If I wasn’t studying to be a counselor…

8 Jul

Second on my list of professions I’d be excited to jump into would have to be baker, my fiancé is a big fan of me pursuing this… big shocker there. Third on my list is party planner, my recent endeavors into this profession have impressed even me. Most recently, I planned the baby shower for my future nephew (first time auntie right here!) and I think for a first timer I did pretty darn well. My future brother and sister-in-law are huge Star Wars fans and are decorating their son’s nursery in it. I feel no shame in saying that I do enjoy Star Wars but trying to figure out a baby shower around that theme was a bit of a struggle at first, teetering between looking like a 7 year old’s birthday party and a baby shower. With a lot of help from another blogger’s endeavor into something very similar I found my footing and ran with it. 

Welcome to baby Fairchild’s baby shower: 



The adorably amazing origami yodas were generously supplied by my talented little sister. They really do make the cupcakes. The naming of the food was by far my favorite part, you can really have a lot of fun with that and the easy embellishments on the cards give it an extra adorable look. If you saw in a previous post I showed you how to make the diaper wreath, and here it is…



The coloring with the yodas my sister made was just too perfect, although the heat from outside started to make the yodas open up, but still cute.  The food spread I think was the cutest aspect, and those easy pom pom balls really make the display, I find them so gosh darn adorable! We did have food other than sweets but we kept the sweets to this table and jokingly called this room “the dark side”. The pretzels you see below called light sabers were a huge hit, merely dipped in chocolate with differing colored sprinkles on top, so delicious and while time consuming to make a large number of them, totally worth it! 



Some non sweets type food that was also a huge hit and gone within the first thirty minutes of the party:


We played a trivia game on all things baby, a few of the questions grossed out the boys (as it was a co-ed shower) which was even all the more fun, the poor dad-to-be scoring the lowest out of all the boys and the mom-to-be winning it all! Hey at least mommy knows her stuff, she can help dad out 🙂 Such a fun time and parents-to-be loved it! Success! 

Over and out,




Personality… What’s yours?

19 Jun



In my Assessments class last semester we learned a lot about ourselves by taking assessments we may give to clients. I found this process really enlightening and also comforting as it confirmed a lot of my already present beliefs about myself. Myers Briggs is a commonly used assessment but always very helpful in learning about yourself and how you might interact with others whether it be in a social setting or work environment.


This is an incredibly informal way and classifying yourself, but rather than paying for the assessment this will give you a good idea of where you stand. 


Q1: Which is your most natural energy orientation?

(E) Extraverted Characteristics:

* Act first, think/reflect later

* Feel deprived when cutoff from interaction with the outside world

* Usually open to and motivated by outside world of people and things

* Enjoy wide variety and change in people relationships


(I) Introverted Characteristics:

* Think/reflect first, then Act

* Regularly require an amount of “private time” to recharge batteries

* Motivated internally, mind is sometimes so active it is “closed” to outside world

* Prefer one-to-one communication and relationships


Q2: Which way of Perceiving or understand is more “automatic” or natural?

(S) Sensing Characteristics

* Mentally live in the Now, attending to present opportunities

*Using common sense and creating practical solutions is automatic-instinctual

*Memory recall is rich in detail of facts and past events

* Best improvise from past experience

* Like clear and concrete information; dislike guessing when facts are “fuzzy”


(N) Intuitive Characteristics

* Mentally live in the Future, attending to future possibilities

* Using imagination and creating/inventing new possibilities is automatic-instinctual

* Memory recall emphasized patterns, contexts, and connects

* Best improvise from theoretical understanding

* Comfortable with ambiguous, fuzzy data and with guessing its meaning


Q3: Which was of forming Judgments and making Choices is most natural?

(T) Thinking Characteristics

* Instinctively search for facts and logic in a decision situation

* Naturally notices tasks and work to be accomplished

* Easily able to provide an objective and critical analysis

* Accept conflict as a natural, normal part of relationships with people


(F) Feeling Characteristics

* Instinctively employ personal feelings and impact on people in decision situations

* Naturally sensitive to peoples’ needs and reactions

* Naturally seek consensus and popular opinions

* Unsettled by conflict; have almost toxic reaction to disharmony


Q4: What is your “action orientation” towards the outside world?

(J) Judging Characteristics

* Plan many of the details in advance before moving into action

* Focus on task-related action; complete meaningful segments before moving on

* Work best and avoid stress when able to keep ahead of deadlines

* Naturally use targets, dates and standard routines to manage life


(P) Perceiving Characteristics

* Comfortable moving into action without a plan; plan on-the-go

* Like to multitask, have variety, mix work and play

* Naturally tolerant of time pressure; work best close to the deadlines

* Instinctively avoid commitments that interfere with flexibility, freedom and variety


After you’ve picked which one you are from each question, put them in the order of question to get something like this: ISFJ. Refer to the graph above for a quick breakdown and strong characteristics that people in that same category tend to have.





Diaper Wreath

22 May

Diaper Wreath

I am soon to be an aunt, for the first time, and I am super excited! My soon to be sister-in-law is having a boy and I am helping my soon to be mother-in-law plan the party. I thought a fun thing to make would be a diaper wreath, this was my first attempt and I think it turned out pretty well. Here are some pictures of the process! Hope you enjoy 🙂


Birth Order

10 Apr



So, I know I know I am behind on my blog posting; this whole Salmonella thing really threw me for a loop (stay away from Panera’s Caesar salad, the dressing is made with raw eggs). Been working frantically to catch up on schoolwork as finals quickly approach.  Still in shock that it’s April, where has this year gone??

 Anyway in my many psychology classes a topic I always loved learning about was birth order. This is no surprise as I am the quintessential Eldest Child, it always amuses me to hear a dead ringer description for my personality based on the sole fact that I have a younger sibling/ am the oldest of my family. I thought that maybe you all would be interested to see where you fall and whether or not that also was a good descriptor of who you are.


As the leader of the pack, firstborns often tend to be:







Firstborns bask in their parents’ presence, which may explain why they sometimes act like mini-adults. Firstborns are diligent and want to be the best at everything they do. They excel at winning the hearts of their elders. Eldest children are socially dominant, highly intellectual, and extremely conscientious. Unfortunately, they’re also less open to new ideas, and prone to perfectionism and people pleasing – the result of losing both parents’ undivided attention at an early age, and working throughout their lives to get it back.

Middle Child

“The middle child often feels left out and a sense of, ‘Well, I’m not the oldest. I’m not the youngest. Who am I?'” says therapist Meri Wallace. This sort of hierarchical floundering leads middle children to make their mark among their peers, since parental attention is usually devoted to the beloved firstborn or baby of the family.

In general, middle children tend to possess the following characteristics:


            Somewhat rebellious

            Thrives on friendships

            Has large social circle


Middle children, sandwiched between older and younger siblings, often develop a competitive nature – making them natural entrepreneurs later in life. They tend to be the most diplomatic and flexible members of the family and often, eager for parental praise, develop musical or academic gifts.

 Last Born

Youngest children tend to be the most free-spirited due to their parents’ increasingly laissez-faire attitude towards parenting the second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…) time around. The baby of the family tends to be.








Youngest children, according to birth order theory, tend to be dependent and selfish – as they’re used to others providing for them. But despite the negatives, they’re also quite often the life of the party – fun, confident, and comfortable entertaining others.

 Only Children

Being the only child is a unique position in a family. Without any siblings to compete with, the only child monopolizes his parents’ attention and resources, not just for a short period of time like a firstborn, but forever. In effect, this makes an only child something like a “super-firstborn”: only children have the privilege (and the burden) of having all their parents’ support and expectations on their shoulders. Thus, only children tend to be:

            Mature for their age





 And only children? Like last borns, they are regularly spoiled, according to Adler, and have a hard time when they don’t get their own way. School can be a particularly difficult transition, as they’re used to being the center of the familial universe. But all that parental focus pays off. Only children are often mature for their age. They wow people with their vocabularies, and their comfort in adult circles. Plus, all that self-entertaining fosters creativity.

Now none of this is set in stone and oftentimes people don’t fit their typology. But its always fun to read up about other first borns and their personality traits. 

Peace out, 



To Whom It May Concern:

25 Mar



Recently for a career counseling class we had to write a paper about the emerging work force and after yet another no-show today I find my frustration rising to new levels.  Statistics show that young professionals right out of college and new to the workforce are having a great deal of trouble finding work. This should come as no big surprise to anyone (and if it does I’m not sure where you have been for the past couple of years but please let me know). With these concerns about entering the workforce one would think that young professionals would strive to be professional and presentable, I feel as though I couldn’t be father from the truth. Granted this is not true of everyone but I find I am more often than not surprised or even shocked when a nanny shows up for an interview that I’ve scheduled and confirmed.


I hate feeling so cynical that I question if anyone is ever going to show up to an interview, or whether or not they will be wearing something interview appropriate. With all the resources out there to help those looking for a job I really did expect better. Simple things like a well-formatted resume, appropriate interview attire, and professionally drafted emails feel a thing of the past. So here is me, Sara Lichtenstein, with a little advice for the masses:


  1. Have a resume, a well formatted resume
  2. Dress professionally; don’t wear anything you might wear to a club or a night out on the town (please!)
  3. When addressing an email to a potential employer address them as such, for example: Dear Michelle. Do not just start out the email with no addressing
  4. Come prepared, do a little research beforehand about the company so you aren’t asking questions that can be easily answered by their website
  5. Be polite, courteous, and respectful. It goes a long way  


These things aren’t very hard and only take a little preparation beforehand. You’d be surprised but this could be the difference between getting the job and well not getting the job.





March is Noodle Month!

12 Mar

March is Noodle Month!

Nanny Cam

12 Mar


No parent likes to get to a point with a nanny where they feel they need to install a nanny cam in the house to know that their children are safe or getting the attention that they need. But what are the laws about something like this? Are there laws? Well with a little research I can tell you that there are in fact rules about what you can and can not do with a nanny cam. According to the Federal Wire-Tapping Law of The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, it’s illegal to tape a conversation if that person has no knowledge his/her conversation is being taped. With that said, you are allowed to have a nanny cam in your house but there are a few things you should consider. If the situation allows, let your nanny know that there are cameras in the house. This may make him/her feel more trusted instead of finding out later that they were being watched without knowing. This is really best for the relationship as a whole. I worked for a family who had installed a few nanny cams in the house because of a previous bad experience with a nanny and they were upfront about having the cameras around, they were also in plain sight and I appreciated their honesty. That isn’t to say it didn’t take awhile to get used to the fact that someone may be watching me without my knowing. In the end as a parent you need to do what is best for the safety of your children and a good nanny should understand this.