Spring Break Activities

21 Mar



It is now officially spring time, which means spring break is starting for some schools! I know all the little kids and even middle and high school kids are excited about that! I know my mom and brothers spring break starts tomorrow and they are very happy. Since it is so cold here in Virginia,  we were talking about some fun things they can do over break.  Since we are so close to D.C., they are going go to the zoo with the kids I nanny for and I!  We are hoping for a nice warm day, if not, we will just bundle up and walk around to see the little animals! Another thing they are going to do is go to sight see in D.C. I know that may sound silly since we live so close, but Kate and I were talking today and we really never take the chance the go visit the cool historic things that D.C. offers, it’s really silly.  So we are going to take this opportunity and visit the monuments and such! Now, if you don’t live in the area there are tons of other activities you can do with your younger kids and even the teenagers. If you have a zoo available in the area that is always fun. Also, going to some museums or libraries. Some libraries offer fun things during spring and summer breaks for younger children and they will definitely enjoy it.  Another fun thing to do on a rainy or cold day is go see a movie, I have heard great things about The Great And Powerful Oz and it looks to be kid friendly, don’t take my word for it though, please check the rating before you take your little ones! I also found some fun little home activities for you to do with your little kids for Easter bunnies in the link below!  


I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Spring Break! 🙂 

xoxo- Erica


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