Picky Eaters!

21 Feb


Recently, it’s been brought to my attention that I am the only one who can get the little guy I nanny for to eat… anything! By anything, I mean he doesn’t care to eat cheese pizza, Mac & Cheese, or Spaghetti O’s, which usually are the go to food groups for the typical three year old.  Majority of the time, he only wants a bagel with butter… and not just any butter, SPRAY BUTTER, the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” Yes, this is hilarious, I know. Anyways, he loves his bagels and butter and the typical goldfish and chocolate milk, but for a while that was all we could get him to eat! His parents decided that we should try to stick to one bagel with butter a day and maybe switch up some different meals. That was a little intimidating to little man, since he really is NOT into trying anything.  We have slowly succeeded in doing this though.  My little trick is to bring out the food that I am eating for lunch, and he is interested in seeing and tasting it and will ask to try it. It helps because he feels like he is doing it at his own pace.  Another thing I have noticed that is working is that when we are playing our board games, I bring out some different crackers, cheese, cantaloupe etc. and eat it as we play.  He actually starts to eat it on his own without me bugging him to try anything.  This is a big step for the little guy!  We are actually eating green beans with dinner now!! Keep in mind, for the green beans, I did have to involve some bribery, but now he eats them with no trouble.  The thing I seem to notice is, he doesn’t dislike these foods, he just is too scared to give them a try, especially if we are bugging him saying “come on try it!” So, now we are going to keep this whole trickery up, and hope that we can just keep introducing foods to him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t exactly eat all of these new fancy foods around his parents… He is just doing it for me as of now. We will tackle that problem eventually, as long as we can get some new foods in this little mans system!

While browsing for easy kids meals online, I found a nice kids food menu that may help with some of these problems because it makes the food more presentable by making it into silly faces and such.

I hope this helps some of your picky eaters!

Good luck!

❤ Erica


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