Workouts For Momma and Baby!

30 Jan

Workouts For Momma and Baby!

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Hey Guys 🙂

The baby girl I nanny for is just about to hit 9 months.  She weighs a solid 20 pounds and is adorable and the easiest, most laid back girly ever. Recently, she is learning so quickly and changing everyday, it makes me sad!   She is interested in EVERYTHING, today we went to get frozen yogurt and she kept grabbing my spoon and the ice cream and looking at everything that passed. It is adorable to see her grow so much in such a short time! Well, since she loves for me to hold her over my head and do what we like to call the airplane, ( the 3 year old I watch loves this as well and it is a killer ab and leg work out 😉 ) I decided to start lifting her and realizing how much of a work out this is.  This sounds totally crazy and hilarious, but it is a work out and the babies LOVE it.  I even found a link that shows you different work outs you can do with your baby.  The little girl I watch likes for me to hold her all the time, so this works well because she is enjoying it and getting do to some tummy time and strengthening her neck and back as well! Here are two awesome links from a mom who is gets fit AND has quality time with her baby while she does it! 🙂 They definitely work too!


Enjoy 😉 ❤ Erica


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