Kids and the Dentist!

27 Feb


So, today I am going to tell you a funny little story about the 3 year old I nanny for.  He just recently had his first dentist appointment. The week leading up to to his appointment I was telling him how exciting the dentist is and how much fun he will have there. This is hilarious to me and anyone that knows me because I absolutely hate the dentist, with a passion… For some reason it really scares me and causes me to fret about it for weeks, which is totally ridiculous.  I actually recently started going to a dentist that doesn’t scare me half as bad, so this is good.
Anyways, the days leading up to his appointment, we were trying to explain to him that the dentist is going to check his teeth and such, so it wasn’t a shock to his system when he went.  We read the Berenstein Bears Going To The Dentist and really tried to make it fun for him… This did not work AT ALL. I wasn’t there, but his dad told me that it was quite a miserable experience. Apparently it was terrifying for little man, he didn’t like that he was supposed to keep his mouth open for someone he didn’t know to floss his teeth!  When I went to work on Monday he told me that he hated the dentist and that he cried, “so so bad Miss. Erica.” Apparently his dad had to hold him down for the dentist to get a quick look to make sure he didn’t have any cavities. Sounds pretty sad.. 😦 So needless to say… my plan to make it an exciting failed terribly.  I actually just found an awesome blog teaching kids about the dentist and why it is important to brush their teeth.  It has fun little activities and ways that may help them understand that the dentist isn’t always so bad… Maybe I should read it to lighten my anxiety as well… 😉 😉

Kids and the Dentist!

Hopefully this can help you all with your kids and the dentist!

❤ Erica


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