Nanny Cam

12 Mar


No parent likes to get to a point with a nanny where they feel they need to install a nanny cam in the house to know that their children are safe or getting the attention that they need. But what are the laws about something like this? Are there laws? Well with a little research I can tell you that there are in fact rules about what you can and can not do with a nanny cam. According to the Federal Wire-Tapping Law of The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, it’s illegal to tape a conversation if that person has no knowledge his/her conversation is being taped. With that said, you are allowed to have a nanny cam in your house but there are a few things you should consider. If the situation allows, let your nanny know that there are cameras in the house. This may make him/her feel more trusted instead of finding out later that they were being watched without knowing. This is really best for the relationship as a whole. I worked for a family who had installed a few nanny cams in the house because of a previous bad experience with a nanny and they were upfront about having the cameras around, they were also in plain sight and I appreciated their honesty. That isn’t to say it didn’t take awhile to get used to the fact that someone may be watching me without my knowing. In the end as a parent you need to do what is best for the safety of your children and a good nanny should understand this. 




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