Winter Play

16 Jan

Winter Activities to keep kids active

Hey all,

So, as it is raining and cold outside right now, I heard that there may be some snow headed our way. Now obviously, you can never truly believe the weather men, since they tell us something different almost everyday, BUT in case we do get some snow, even if it is just a little bit, I found some cute activities to do outside with the kiddos!  There are also some cute ideas that are inside, since it can sometimes get boring being stuck in the house all day, due to cold weather. I know the three year old I watch loves to do some of these things.  Just today, we have played matching games, done play dough and gone out to get some yummy frozen yogurt because of his awesome behavior.  Just a simple thing like getting out of the house to get him his favorite treat really made him so grateful and happy, plus he had the cutest chocolate mustache after eating it. It makes the day go by quicker and happier when you have some fun activities to do with the kids!!

Check them out and stay warm!!:)


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