Tips to a healthier 2013! :)

2 Jan



Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and hope you got to relax and eat some goodies! I know I had my fair share of goodies and I now MUST eat healthier and work out more!  Speaking of work outs, I know how hard it is sometimes to get into the work out routine and stick with the diet/program.  A while back, both Katie and I and our husband/fiance did the p90x work outs.  It was AWESOME.  We all got ridiculously hooked and ended up losing weight and gaining a great amount of muscle.  Obviously it is quite hard to find the time to do an hour to an hour and a half work out a day, especially if you have kids but there are several options, there is a shorter version similar to p90x, just go to and check them out. I have tried so many different things and honestly, the only one I stuck to was the p90x… and at that time in my life I had a lot more free time then I do now, so I know its difficult.  A couple other things I have tried are the Jillian Michaels work outs, Insanity and also Tapout xt.  They all really work great and some are shorter then the others, which helps a ton!  I am hoping that this year, since I have a little more motivation since I am getting married, I will really get myself into the routine of being healthier.  We can do it together! A couple ways that help me are that I usually try to do it with someone else, like I said, when Zach and I did p90x together we always had each other to push.  If I was too tired he would push me and vice versa.  Pick anyone! Another cool thing about the beach body work outs is that there are other people online doing the same thing as you so you can actually talk to them online and motivate each other!  Another thing that helps me out is taking before and after pictures. Some people weigh themselves every morning, I usually don’t go right for the scale because I gain muscle very quickly, so I will look at the scale after I’ve been working out a lot and obviously am losing weight but the scale will make me feel worse because I actually gained muscle weight. One other tip is the myfitnesspal app on smart phones, you can put in how many calories you want to eat and put in what you eat and how much you have worked out and it just makes you a little more conscious of what you are eating.   Now I am in NO WAY a trainer, these are all just tips to start out the new year a little healthier and some things that have helped me in the past. I am always looking for more motivation or tips from anyone on getting healthier, working out, or losing weight, so PLEASE share anything!!  🙂  Best of luck to all of us and Happy New Year!!!


❤ Erica



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