Total Transformation?? Not exactly

28 Dec

Hello all! Hope your holidays were wonderful and as stress free as possible. As i was sitting here wondering what to blog about a radio commercial popped into my head, it talked about selling a book that would solve all your parents qualms and make any child the perfect child. I always chuckle a little when hearing about things “programs” like these as I have worked with trouble youth on behavior modification and i can tell you its not something that can be fixed by reading a book or watching a movie. There won’t ever be a cure all for ALL behavior problems in a child or teen, its just part of growing up. We all learn down the line that 99% of the time our parents were trying to do what was right for us. I will give a few pointers that i’ve learned in my schooling and experience that can help makes things easier sometimes: 

1. Keep your cool. At all costs keep your cool, the second you lose your temper you lose control of the situation. 

2. Always try reason first, wether the child is 2 or 17 you may be surprised at what calm, collected reasoning can do. (once again key is being calm) 

3. Pick your battles, this is not always the easiest but know when to walk away from a fight 

4. If you are dealing with a toddler scheduling is key, children crave scheduling and it helps with so many issues down the road. 

5. Don’t be afraid to show them how you feel, Love them and things will all work out in the end. Never go to bed angry is what my mother always told me. 


– Sara 


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