Stress free cleaning

20 Dec


Hi guys,

I am going to begin my blog by telling you I GOT ENGAGED THIS WEEKEND! Woot Woot!  We are super siked and cannot wait. 🙂 Love you Zatch 😉

After reading Katie’s “Surviving the Holidays” blog, I started thinking about the reasons we get so stressed around the holidays.  Obviously a lot has to do with shopping for family and friends which usually leads to a little less money over the holidays.  A simple resolution to this, buy smaller/cheaper gifts.   Zach, ( my fiance, feels too cool to say that now 😉 )  and I went shopping the Saturday after Black Friday and got some awesome deals, I got majority of my shopping done that weekend! It felt SO good to get it out of the way and to get the good deals without all of the crazy drama of shopping on the dreaded Black Friday.  Getting the good deals and shopping earlier really relieved a lot of my stress.

Another major stress factor around the holiday season would definitely be cleaning house.  I know that even if we have a small get together at my house or any family comes into town my mom wants everything to be clean.  Keep in mind our house is always clean, aside from my brother and I’s rooms and bathroom and even those don’t usually get TOO bad… And even though no one is going to go into our rooms, of course momma wants our rooms cleaned too. Just last night when I got home from work and my brother and I were talking to mom, she says “alright guys I really want this house to get clean over the weekend..” (if your reading this mom I love you. ) So, I will be cleaning this weekend so that we have a nice clean cozy house for our holiday. 🙂 I found a quick little organized cleaning list for those of you who are rushing to clean before the holiday.  Make it fun, turn on music, have a drink and put some chili on the stove.

Stress free cleaning plan

Happy Holidays 🙂

❤ Erica


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