Connecticut Shooting

14 Dec

I usually don’t post on Thursdays but today, as we all know, is not a normal day. Whether it was a work meeting you were stressing about, or buying Holiday presents I’d imagine at this point that is the farthest thing from your mind. This is such a tragedy and I struggle as I write this as I have been shaking for the past few hours, so please excuse me for any grammatical errors just for today. You see my freshman year of college at Virginia Tech marked the biggest college shooting in history and yet to this day those words are hard for me to comprehend. It was one of the hardest few days of my life surrounding that event and it will never leave me. While we are all sitting around trying to rationalize what has transpired today I will tell you from experience you won’t find a lot of answers to your questions. This event is a tragedy and we all need to grieve in our own ways. Things are clear, something needs to change. The amount of school shootings in the past few years is astronomical and something HAS to change, what that is I’ll leave to you because this isn’t about gun control or mental illness or what have you, its about our children and keeping them safe. So hug your child a little longer today and be grateful for what you have. Please keep everyone affected by this terrible tragedy in your thoughts and prayers just as we will here at North Star Nannies. 

Hokie Love,



One Response to “Connecticut Shooting”

  1. Katie Eibner December 14, 2012 at 3:48 PM #

    Fantastic words, Sara.

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