Infant Activities! :)

5 Dec

Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide!

Hi Guys!

My name is Erica.  I am one of Katie’s many cousins. 🙂  I work for Katie for North Star Nannies and am also a full time nanny. I will be posting some nifty blogs on here every now and then so I figured I would introduce myself!

This week I found an awesome “Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide.” We all know it can be pretty hard to find different activities to do with the kids, especially with infants.  It can get quite repetitive doing the same old tummy time, bath, cuddles, eat, etc. routine.  This site shows you some awesome activities to do with your infants! #6 is my favorite, something as simple as having a conversation with the baby can be so sweet.  Use different voices and faces and they will smile and giggle at you and be so amused.  The little one I watch is 7 months old now and she is beginning to laugh and look at me with different faces and it is just so awesome to watch her grow month to month!  #16 is also great.  Just yesterday at the park I handed her a leaf and she is just so curious about it and loves to squish it in her hands. ( obviously keep a close eye that they don’t eat any of the things you give them, you know how delicious rocks and leaves can be 😉 ) These are some awesome and simple activities to help you and your little ones interact while learning and having fun together!



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