Fun Fall Play :)

5 Dec

Fun Fall Play 🙂   < I came across this awesome link that includes fun activities that involve leaves to do with the kids! 🙂 The site also has tons of other fun activities to keep them occupied.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  When the leaves start changing and slowly start to fall off the trees it brings back many memories of when I was a kid.  It certainly can be quite beautiful, but may also be a nuisance to those with trees in their backyards.  One of my favorite childhood memories was my little brother and I going out in the backyard with my mom while she raked the leaves into gigantic piles for us to jump in.  He would run around like George of the Jungle as I would chase him into the leaves.  My mom would make us the biggest piles and we would play in them all day.  Even now as an adult that memory still sticks with me.

The other day it occurred to me that I could take the three year old I nanny for out in the backyard to do the same exact thing. He had never jumped in a big pile of leaves before so he was absolutely ecstatic.  I raked the leaves into big piles for him and his neighborhood friend to jump into.  I even got action pictures of them jumping mid-air into the piles!  I also brought the seven month old out to let her hold the leaves and feel them in her hands, she loved it. Its amazing how something so simple to us, can be so exciting for the little ones. 🙂  You can get your yard cleaned up while letting them play right along with you!



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