Mr. Rogers really IS made of magic!

27 Nov


I have often said that I had the absolute best childhood possible, as well as the best parents possible, but as I get older, I am constantly reminded of why.

I stumbled across this video this week while messing around late at night on Pinterest, and it melted my heart. The video is of Mr. Rogers melting the heart of a cynical senator in a congressional hearing by defending PBS and their need for additional funding. In a day and age where TV takes up the bulk of most Americans free time, watching an episode of Mr. Rogers is like meditating.

The only time I ever watched the show (according to my memory, which is actually startlingly accurate as most of you who know me personally), was when I visited my grandparents in Waynesboro, Virginia. Life always moved a little more slowly there, down in the Shenandoah Valley, but some of my best memories are there.

Every time I try to figure out why I enjoyed those times so much, I come to the same conclusion. They were the times that I was able to be myself the most. My grandparents only had a handful of toys, including my dad’s old set of Hot Wheels. Back home, we had plenty of toys, but for some reason, whenever we visited Nana and Papa, the toys became so special. We tapped into our inner creativity: mine in speaking in different accents or being dramatic, my sister in pretending, and my brother finding a new way to get us all in trouble (wink wink). The truth in it all is that we didn’t have anything to do! We had to find our own fun, and we had to find ourselves.

While I value children being involved in sports, dance, art classes, etc, I also try so very hard to find a time when the kids can just be who they are. Sometimes my tendency to over-plan every detail of our day takes away from those moments when they get to march around the house as the family marching band, or even just play the keyboard with the headphones on all by themselves, or to bug big or little brother.

As a nanny, it is sometimes tough to just let things play out for a moment or two when you have an inter-sibling quarrel. I’ve been surprised many times, and mostly just by noticing things like this at the park (with children that I just see playing), that most little spats end up just fine.

So, here is what I propose: we all watch this video of Mr. Rogers, let a few of the inevitable tears flow, and back out a bit for a little piece of every day to just let these little ones play, in whichever way they choose (save for sticking metal into sockets, or anything of that nature). If you’re anything like me, you may need to prepare yourself for a bit of jealousy that you feel when they sometimes don’t want to be interrupted to play with you 😉

Tell us how you feel about TV being used these days! Are there any programs that you think are great or just terrible for kids?


One Response to “Mr. Rogers really IS made of magic!”

  1. katieeibner November 27, 2012 at 11:58 PM #

    Max and Ruby drives me nuts….a whole blog will be coming some time in the future!

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