Nannies in the Media! The good, the bad, and the ugly.

20 Nov

Last week I posted a link on our Facebook page to a YouTube video clip of an episode of Friends in which Freddie Prinze Jr. is briefly a “manny” for Ross and Rachel. Of course I’ve seen every episode of Friends at least 3 times, but I always get excited when I see any shows, news articles, etc. that focus on nannies!

When I sat down to think about it, I realized how many nannies have been in the media lately! And it is always totally hilarious…mainly because I have probably been in most of these situations. When you sit down and think about, there are so many famous nannies out there! So here’s a few examples:
New Girl: I stumbled across this new show this past year on accident, and I am obsessed. Zooey Deschanel is absolutely hilarious, and while I think the true star of the show is a character named “Schmidt” who is played by Max Green, I also love that another character named Winston is a “manny”. Yes, this term was originally coined by Friends (the episode I mentioned earlier), but I love that they have a former professional basketball player (in Lithuania) is a nanny for a family with a 6 or 7 year old boy. The connection they have is so cute, and the little boy ends up giving Winston life advice. I often get life advice from the little ones I take care of, even if I don’t always realize it away.
Nanny Protests Banks: I’m sure everyone has heard about this one. A few months ago, most banks decided to charge a convenience fee of $5 per month for anyone who used a debit card. Most people were outraged at that fee, and I wasn’t too happy with it. I have an account from a local bank in my hometown in North Carolina, which I still keep open in the event that I ever need to get money to my parents or vice versa. I had no idea that the charges would affect me, and since I keep that balance at close to zero, I would have started to overdraw my account, meaning I would have gone into the negative and overdraft fees would start to add up. I planned on closing that account….until a nanny fixed that issue for all of us. A woman, about my age, who is a nanny, protested the banks so much that she actually kept them from enforcing that rule. When I opened my news site one morning, the main headline was “Nanny Beats the Banks”. You go girl!
Mrs. Doubtfire: I was watching TV on a Sunday recently with my husband, when he saw that this movie was on ABC. We watched the movie in its entirety, and I completely forgot that the whole story started with Robin Williams dressing up as an older female nanny in order to spend time with his kids. When you think about it, the idea is pretty creepy, but man, he makes it funny. I still can hardly hold in my laughter when his teeth fall out into the champagne.
Mary Poppins: I never liked this movie, but we can’t avoid mentioning it, as it is probably the most famous example of a famous nanny. There is even a local agency whose name comes from this movie. I have started to appreciate it more as I get older, and I think I was just creeped out by the “Chim Chimeny” song that Dick Van Dyke sings when I was little. BUT, the woman I work for loves the movie and keeps the soundtrack in the car, and we listen to it often. You can’t argue with the idea of a “spoonful of sugar” making things better, and I always wish that I could have her bag of tricks that holds EVERYTHING: I go through about 6 bags a year that I beat up on the job by trying to carry as much as I can.
And there is the negative…..
Nanny Diaries: I read this book years and years ago, before I was even a nanny, and the story still breaks my heart. I always wanted to name my child after Grayer, the little boy that is starving for attention. The book also became a movie that starred Scarlett Johannson, but it casts families with nannies in a negative light, so that’s about as much attention as I’ll give this one.
Celebrities and their Nannies: Unfortunately, there have been way too many times lately where I have come across a story in a trashy tabloid (People, US, and Star magazine are my guilty pleasures) where a nanny has slept with their employer. A few of the guilty celebrities include: Jude Law who cheated on Sienna Miller with his nanny, Robin Williams who married his nanny, Ethan Hawke and Arnold Schwarzeneggar impregnated their nannies.
Way to give us a bad rap!

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